Re: Best size end mill for milling perimeter of PCB? #mill

John Ferguson

This is what I use for the permiterw,

Amana Tool 51515 SC Spiral 'O' Single Flute, Plastic Cutting 1/16 D x
1/4 CH x 1/8 SHK x 2 Inch Long Down-Cut CNC Router Bit with Mirror Finish

I use pcbcode for the traces and a 15 degree etcher (name if anyone is interested), and SheetCam for the perimeter. Sheetcam has a function for lifting the cutter at intervals as it cuts to form tabs. One can cut the tabs off after the perimeter is cut using a razor blade.

All of my boards are same size (2x3). I have an aluminum fixture to drill the holes in the corners, and an HDPE  fixture which bolts to my 6040 CNC router.  The HDPE fixture is drilled to align with the corner holes in the PCB board and I hold it down with 4 nylon 6-32 socket head cap screws.

I face off the top of the HDPE fixture with a one inch fly cutter to level the surface.  When I'm doing boards, there is usually a sequence as I home in on something which will work so I only need to do the facing once.  But I do have to do it every time I take the fixture off the router bed and need to replace it.

If anyone is interested I can send the full details of this setup.


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