Re: Best size end mill for milling perimeter of PCB? #mill


Hi Gerry, I use V point mills. 60 Degree normally, but there are also 30 and 15 degree I think. After milling the board, my mill, mills a border. This I then follow to cut the board to size. If I mill the surround, all the way through, the board will become detached from the mill bed, so making is unstable, unless you stick it to the bed all over?

Once milled and cut I can then clean up if needed with a file.

Hope this helps Vaughn

On Sun, 22 Dec 2019 at 22:00, Terry Gray <twgray2007@...> wrote:
Maybe a bit off topic but can someone recommend the best size and type of end mill for milling out the perimeter of a PCB?

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