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John Johnson

This has been requested in the past, but it isn’t something I can do at the moment.
The source code is up on GitHub, and I keep hoping someone will submit a pull request :-)


On 2 Nov 2019, at 8:25, Art Eckstein wrote:

Sorry, I miss understood what you were asking.

No, Pcb-Gcode does not have that ability. It only drills holes with drills and if memory serves me, you cannot mill holes either. It will only allow arcs so if you want a round hole, you have to break that up into two or more arcs.


Gregory Wood wrote:

Understood but what I meant was that in fusion 360 you can tell it you have a 1/4" bit and if the hole is 1/2" it will output cnc code to cut a 1/2" circular pocket. In other words fusion does not treat it like a drill operation if the bit size does not match but rather routes a thru pocket the size of the hole. I know this is eagle and not fusion 360 and I assume the plugin is producing the gcode but wondered if it might have the same intelligence. If using the right bit one could maybe not have to change bits at all.


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The program will ask for the proper drill size
(depending on your default drill table), but lets
face it, the program doesn't have a clue what you
actually put in the spindle!

So even if your gcode calls for X different drill
sizes, and you only have one and don't change it
out, it will drill the holes at that size.

Am I making sense?


At 11/1/2019 06:53 PM, Gregory Wood wrote:
>Ah, so that brings up a question. Does the drill
>bit have to match the hole size or can one use a
>smaller bit? I'm not sure I need more than one
>size hole but eventually I will probably dive into bigger projects.
>Not really sure I followed but if the drill fine
>has multiple drill sizes in it, does it pause to change drill bits?
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>Ok, if I read this right, you want to know if you
>need an automatic tool changer to use pcb-gcode?
>The answer to that is NO, pcb-gcode outputs
>separate gcode files for etching, drilling, milling, etc.
>The drill file will have multiple drill sizes in
>it, and you need to have a method of setting the Z0 for each drill size.
>I have customized my user-gcode.h to do tool
>changes and uses a touch pad for tool length compensation.
>At 11/1/2019 05:59 PM, Gregory Wood wrote:
> >If one does not have automatic tool change can
> >the output be just etching or drilling. So if
> >ran twice with different option each operation
> >can be done independently? > On Nov 1, 2019, at
> >4:23 PM, Art Eckstein via Groups.Io
> ><art.eckstein@...> wrote: > >
> >My understanding is it uses the internal
> >files and spits out the Gcode according to which
> >profile you use. You do not export the gerber or
> >drl files at all. > > Country Bubba > > At
> >11/1/2019 05:03 PM, cresswellavenue@...
> >via Groups.Io wrote: >> How does GCODE work with
> >Eagle ? >> Is it via the gerber files and drill
> >file ? >> Or does it use Eagle internal files ? >> _._,_._,_ > > > >
> >

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