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Art Eckstein

The program will ask for the proper drill size (depending on your default drill table), but lets face it, the program doesn't have a clue what you actually put in the spindle!

So even if your gcode calls for X different drill sizes, and you only have one and don't change it out, it will drill the holes at that size.

Am I making sense?


At 11/1/2019 06:53 PM, Gregory Wood wrote:
Ah, so that brings up a question. Does the drill bit have to match the hole size or can one use a smaller bit? I'm not sure I need more than one size hole but eventually I will probably dive into bigger projects.

Not really sure I followed but if the drill fine has multiple drill sizes in it, does it pause to change drill bits?


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Ok, if I read this right, you want to know if you
need an automatic tool changer to use pcb-gcode?

The answer to that is NO, pcb-gcode outputs
separate gcode files for etching, drilling, milling, etc.
The drill file will have multiple drill sizes in
it, and you need to have a method of setting the Z0 for each drill size.

I have customized my user-gcode.h to do tool
changes and uses a touch pad for tool length compensation.



At 11/1/2019 05:59 PM, Gregory Wood wrote:
If one does not have automatic tool change can
the output be just etching or drilling. So if
ran twice with different option each operation
can be done independently? > On Nov 1, 2019, at
4:23 PM, Art Eckstein via Groups.Io
<> wrote: > >
My understanding is it uses the internal
files and spits out the Gcode according to which
profile you use. You do not export the gerber or
drl files at all. > > Country Bubba > > At
11/1/2019 05:03 PM, @nigel7557nigelwright7557
via Groups.Io wrote: >> How does GCODE work with
Eagle ? >> Is it via the gerber files and drill
file ? >> Or does it use Eagle internal files ? >> _._,_._,_ > > > >

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