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The storage.nv file is a file used to save settings for the program.
It looks like yours was previously saved at the root of the C: drive, or pcb-gcode is unable to find the file.
You can look around in the directory where you installed pcb-gcode and see if there is a storage.nv file anywhere within. If so, try copying it to c:\.

On 20 Sep 2019, at 14:22, chrisga63 via Groups.Io wrote:

Good evening to you.Pcb-gcode works well with me with the older version of Eagle 7.7.7.with the newer versions it presents to me exactly the problem you described.


Στις Παρασκευή, 20 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019, 04:05:17 μ.μ. EEST, ο χρήστης richirichardo via Groups.Io <richirichardo@...> έγραψε:

dear All,

I am new on this topic and have read most topic in regards of pcb-gcode on eagle.
yes i am also facing the same problem, i could not able to solve this on eagle.
is there any one can assist me  ?
when i am putting the path for Ulps directory, later i am start eagle from begining again, try to open the board and run the ULP Button but appears like this :

So after that i do close the warning window and it appears PCB Gcode window but with empty file coloumn as shown here :

just like that, and after i press ACCEPT button,.... well,.. nothing shown anymore, and just gone,... no continuity of the result and i am remain on confusion,.. have tried to google from any sides of the world but i could not able to find the good information, and now i am finnaly reach this group with full hopes somebody can give me help to solve this issue.

Many thanks in advance for any ones who can try to help me pleaseeee... pleaseee....



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