Re: removing trace isolation swarf #mill #development


Hi John, despite my little programming knowledge, I get progress. Returning to the issue of using two strawberries, the concern is the following, if you can guide me: on what file to work to see how the routes are generated and able to modify, pcb-gcode.ulp?
The objective is:
1- Main: Obtain the intersection plot on the routes generated by overlap (that is, what your program eliminates when you make solid union of two islands with large diameter bits)
This would already have more than 60% of the goal achieved.
2- Generate file with intersect name.
3- The next step should make a difference between what was obtained and the route of
minimum bit
In the worst case, I could work on this from bcnc with python
As I told you, the objective I have achieved, it works well for few traces, but it is too slow for a small pcb
I consult you: Does your software work only within Eagle, or can it work on different programs that generate Gerber?
Sorry if it was not the right place for these queries.
Hug Mario.

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