Re: shorting traces - How I messed up & a question about spot-drill-holes #eagle #etch


Hi Peter, my name is Jim, and I reading your post about spot drill holes. The word in your article "pcgcode"
should read  pcbgcode ? Sorry about if i'm wrong, but my etching gcode file not placeing spot drill holes.
Try to find answares  all ove the net to my problem, no luck. It also doesn't generate drill and mill files. It shows
this error "Improperly formatted rack entry" .  I had to reinstall windows10 ever since this problem showed up.
Before had no problem at all useing Eagle 7.0.6 and Pcb-gcode try to use different drillrack files, but reading your
posting this shouldn't be my problem. Sorry to bother you all of this, but I'm trying to find solution for this problem.
Any help or idea would be appreciated.
Best regards. 

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