Re: Conversion to Garber #eagle


If you're using a newer version of Eagle, it's super simple.
With the file open that you want to generate, go to upper 5th to the left , CAM processor button. Click that. It opens the CAM processor window. By default loaded is the '
If you're using a service that needs the file zipped, looked for 'zip file' at top middle. If you want 'imperial units, to the right of 'zip files', is a way to change to imperial.
At the bottom, right, click 'process job'. It'll ask you where to save these files. Do that and bingo, you're good.

On Friday, July 5, 2019, 08:16:35 AM EDT, yoram <y_shalom@...> wrote:

Need help please
I am trying to convert the file to Gerber files
but without success
Can anyone convert them for me?
Many thanks



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