Re: Eagle 8.6.3. on Windows 10 permission denied #eagle #gcode

John Swenson

Hi Jos,
this has nothing to do with Windows 10, the viewer pops up when generating a G-code file and is looking at the mentioned file. IF your run generates another G-code file, it tries to pop up a new instance of the viewer to display THAT G-code, since the file is already being used by another instance the OS won't let the new viewer open it.

The solution is to manually kill the first viewer (click the X in the upper right) before starting the generation of the second G-code file.

This whole scenario happens when you have something else enabled other than an "etch", such as milling, or text, or drilling, each of these gets its own G-code file.

I think this will fix your problem.

John S.

On 5/19/2019 5:18 AM, Jos Raven wrote:
I cannot solve this problem on my Windows 10 installed EAGLE 8.6.3.
Can't open C:\EAGLE 8.6.3\ulp\viewer\\data\optimize_me.txt
Permission denied
I have absolutely no idea how to set the permission for Win 10.
Help please!

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