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Harvey White

On Sun, 26 Aug 2018 01:47:56 -0700, you wrote:

Made a schematic and then tried the board. Gave autoroute a go and got a reasonable board.

Problem is there are areas I have made errors on both the board and schematic. Trying to undo and go back I nowe have a error stating the changes on either will not update the other. e.g. changes on the schematic will not be shown on the board.

Any ideas how to fix this or do I start from scratch?
No, but you will need to go back and try to match the version of the
board file that doesn't have your changes.

In Eagle, you cannot change the board without changing the schematic
and vice versa.

At some point, you had a board or schematic file open without the
corresponding other file. This gives Eagle severe heartburn (and
then.... you).

Eagle keeps backup files of both schematic and board, so you can try
to match them up. If the board wasn't too complicated, you can lay it
out again by moving all the .brd or .br# files into a separate folder
where Eagle can't find it (note that you're not destroying
information, just making it invisible).

Then create a board and go from there.

otherwise, you will have to try to match things up.

In my version (7.x) there's a big nasty yellow and black striped
banner telling you that changes in one will not be reflected in the
other when both files are not open.



Thanks Vaughn

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