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John Ferguson

HI Dan,

I've been cutting my "grooves" in a single pass. I'm assuming "steps" means offsets, maybe cutting a groove and then making another pass .001 nearer the trace to clean it up. Is that it?

I had the idea of repeating the cuts assuming that the next pass would throw the swarf out of the groove. 

If I want to do steps, I assume I would need to increase trace separation in Eagle and then set the step in pcbgcode.  If this is approximately right, I'll go back to the manual and try it.

my boards, except for one, are single sided with no vias.  they have a number pf dip sockets and traces must pass between pins and there isn't a lot of space there - .010 pin separation and I like to use the long pads; tight.

what do you think?


On 3/21/19 9:35 PM, Dan.Staver wrote:
What step size do you use and what cutter diameter?
I’ve found if I use a step of >=50% the cutter foam, I get these “leftovers”, but, if I set a step of 30-40%, it tends to be clean. Takes longer, of course.

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