Re: shorting traces - How I messed up & a question about spot-drill-holes #eagle #etch


All the spot drills are done with the same tool as is used for the track milling - I've used both 0.1 and 0.2mm  tools for this.   The drill file is completely separate and calls for drills as required by the component definitions in Eagle. 

Spot drill code is part of the main "etching" GCODE file - this is run as received from pcgcode, no editing required whatsoever. The drill info is in a separate file and contains all the necessary spindle stops and starts to allow for tool changes and setting the Z axis zero using a touch probe.

Drill depth is set for about 1.7mm when using 1.5mm FR4 boards. I manually "adjust" this for larger drills (up to 3mm) to allow for the 120 degree drill point, but no other changes are made.


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