Re: shorting traces - How I messed up & a question about spot-drill-holes #eagle #etch


Not trying to pour cold water on your findings, but I've never had a problem with spot drilling!!  I did a check of my code in the area you modified and it appears to be exactly the same as the one that misbehaves - see below (cut and paste) :-

if (SPOT_DRILL == YES) {

if (m_first_spot_drill) {

output_drill_first_hole(drill_x, drill_y, SPOT_DRILL_DEPTH);

m_first_spot_drill = NO;


else {

output_drill_hole(drill_x, drill_y, SPOT_DRILL_DEPTH);



Something else must surely be going on elsewhere in the programme to change the SPOT_DRILL_DEPTH ?
To my inexperienced eye the original code seems to be entirely logical.


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