Re: shorting traces - How I messed up & a question about spot-drill-holes #eagle #etch

John Ferguson

I cannot thank you enough for this.  I do a lot of boards and having to remember to fix the incorrect spot-drill depth was a real pain.

best regards,


On 1/31/19 6:27 PM, klassen.jj@... wrote:
Hey John,

I had experienced your issue as well, and I cruised through the code and I managed to find out how to fix the error.. I adjusted the code as follows

The issue is a flag reset in spot drill. the first one comes out fine, but then the rest are drilled to fill drill depth.
In pcb-gcode.ulp you will find this sequence:


  if (SPOT_DRILL == YES) {
    if (m_first_spot_drill) {
      output_drill_first_hole(drill_x, drill_y, SPOT_DRILL_DEPTH);
     // m_first_spot_drill = NO;
    else {
      output_drill_hole(drill_x, drill_y, SPOT_DRILL_DEPTH);

The underlined line is the culprit. it spot drills one time, then spot drill is set to NO, so it doesn't do it anymore. I got the correct behaviour by commenting out that line. All the drill files are to the correct level. It works as it should on my machine - running on the GRBL config.

Hope this helps!


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