Re: how do I get holes cut in board? #eagle #pcbgcode #mill

John Ferguson

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your note.  The hole in question is to pass power leads up through the board from a 9 volt battery to be mounted beneath.  so diameter isn't critical. I've been trying to reduce the amopunt of editing the g-code requires but one problem continues.

I like to use the etching bit to prick the pads .011 inch the better to center the drills later.  I set the prick depth to .011 and the drill depth to .075, but what happens is the pricks get run to .075.  So I have to edit them in the G-Code.

This seems buggy to me. 



On 1/17/19 4:20 AM,  via Groups.Io wrote:

Just tested the "arc theory" and can confirm that milling layers contain the necessary GCODE.

Of course due allowance will be needed to allow for tool diameter, and the GCODE will need to be edited to set correct cutting depths for multiple passes.  Personally I set this to 0.3mm when using a 3mm diameter tool and normally set the lowest cut to 0.1mm below the bottom surface.


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