shorting traces - How I messed up & a question about spot-drill-holes #eagle #etch

John Ferguson

You may remember a struggle I was having with some traces shorting out.  As it turns out, I had converted a library file for a 28 pin DIP from having little round pads to the elongated type which I find easier to solder.  And of course somehow when I loaded it, Eagle thought it still had the smaller pads and although the traces cleared them, some of them ran right through the pads.

I'm not sure how, but this doesn't seem to happen anymore and I can pretty much etch a board without any manual trace adjustments.

I am puzzled by another effect I'm getting. I like to spot drill pads and set the spot-drill depth to .011, but they get spot-drilled to .075 which is where I have the drill depth set. What am I missing here.


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