Re: How to etch a powerplane with pcb-gcode? #etch

Fred Genius

If you’re using Mach3, you can use one of the built-in script wizards, ‘Rectangular Pocket’ I think would suit this purpose best.


Otherwise, not difficult to write the code yourself, something like this (doing this from my head so please check before actually running anything based on this):

G0 X0 Y0 ; rapid move to start point

G1 Z-0.01 Fnnnn ; lower tool to cutting depth (nnnn is the feed rate, in mm/minute or mm/second whichever appropriate for your machine)

G1 X100 ; mill the first ‘x’ leg

G1 Y1 ; move the tool by half the diameter

G1 X0 ; mill the second leg

G1 Y2;

G1 X100



That will mill an area 100mm by whatever your final Y value is (+ tool radius), at a depth of 0.01mm. Hope this is useful…


Fred Ö¿Ö


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Thanks for the advice,
I'm new in this stuff and I'm relaying to software created/converted gcode sources.
Can you pls send me some example  how you managed the problem?

You don't need to make a complex think just a few steps of code so I can figure out what is doing.

Actually, I like your idea how you solved the problem.

My best regards.


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