Re: How to etch a powerplane with pcb-gcode? #etch

Fred Genius

I’ve had the same problem before, solved it by adding my own gcode at the end of the milling process – used a 2mm carbide end mill to do the milling, removes large areas quickly.


Fred Ö¿Ö


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Subject: [pcbgcode] How to etch a powerplane with pcb-gcode? #etch



I have to make a pcb where are power traces also beside signal traces.
The power traces are for the main AC/230v which are going into a relay then out on two outputs.

Everything is fine, but! I wish to mill all the copper around the power traces so I can get a copper less clear distance between
the traces so it could not happen does a spark is jumping over the traces.

When we mill our pcb with cnc, we can setup the clearance between the traces, but I don't have to remove the whole
copper from the pcb, just in the area where the power traces are.

I don't know if I explained enough correct but here is a simple picture about my problem:

The N$9, N$10 and N$12 are the power traces.
I wish to remove the copper area what I marked with some green drawings.

Any idea how to achieve this with the pcb-gcode plugin for Eagle?

Thank you.


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