Re: What an I Missing - Eagle Question? #eagle

John Ferguson

This is very close to what I'm using in Imperial.  I need to check the pcb-gcode, but I don't think it is where my problem is. I can see the traces too close to pads in Eagle. Moving them manually does fix them. 

thanks much,


On 11/18/18 4:23 PM, Chipteck wrote:
I am sorry, I didn't have a lot of time and was too quick to respond.
In any case I am loading "20170624 -pcb-gcode.dru" file on my projects to setup my clearances and have been successfull to cut 0.2mm traces with 0.1mm clearances with the following:
pcb-gcode setup - Generation > Minimum = 0.03mm, Maximum=0.2mm, Step size=0.05mm - Machine > Tool Dia = 0.1mm


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