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Fred Genius

I have the same problem, the autorouter seems to like running tracks between pads and I don’t like that, means a greater chance of a bad board.


Just for reference, I have a 3020 router, with a milling vice bolted to the bed. The vice has 80mm wide stepped jaws, and the pcb sits nicely on the step. I use Autoleveller  software, takes the output from pcbgcode and adds probing code so I don’t need to worry about the board being level.


I use carbide ‘V’ bits, typically 20°, they’re cheap enough so I use a fresh one for every board.


To make double-sided boards, I drill one hole all the way thought the board, usually the one nearest to the right-hand edge of the board. When I flip the board to etch the second side, I position the drill at the negative value of the original position, and push the board onto the drill bit, then lower the z until the board is sitting on the jaw step, then I can tighten the jaws knowing that it’s correctly located.


The router had one major problem when I first got it, there was a huge amount of backlash on all axes, and a huge number of failed boards. I replaced with ball screws and everything is good now.


Fred Ö¿Ö


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yes, I think.  That is the file which tells Eagle I want 10 mil traces and 14 mil clearances isn't it?

On 11/17/18 8:52 AM, Chipteck wrote:

Have you checked your DRL file in Eagle?
I am using specific DRL files for establishing clearances/etc.

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