Re: Can't open 'c:\storage.nv' permission denied #pcbgcode


I disagree. Eagle IS the problem maker. No modern program should install itself to C:\ . This is not only a problem for a standard Windows install in some cases it is also a problem with companies who have group policies that prohibit installs to C:\. Developers who set up their programs installer to default to c:\ are just making life hard for the users of their program.


Some of these types of programs that insist on wanting to install to C:\ do so because they cannot tolerate spaces in paths. Quite often they also do a really poor job of uninstalling themselves too. When I ran into this issue recently with Cygwin and a few other programs I created a ‘Dev’ folder under ‘…/user/documents’ . This path has no spaces which might cause problems for some programs and keeps the programs separated from ones that install properly to ‘/program files’ by default.


Jeff Birt


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It seems to me also does Eagle is the problem maker, but if I dig a bit deeper I can say Eagle is not the problem maker.
The trouble you had was because of win10 and all that, for me a bit "over secured" setup of win10.
It looks like some permissions restriction was active for the folder where Eagle was installed, and because of not enough
access privilege for the user who was logged in in your win, you can't access that Eagle path.
That's a very often problem in win10.

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