Re: start in middle of program #pcbgcode #gcode

Leonard Wohlsdorf

Thanks to Art, Dan, and Keith for your responces. Why  I asked this question was during a recent board cut I found that a small section did not cut quite deep enough due to the board having a slight low spot. I am experimenting in how close I can cut the just the copper off without losing much FR4. It would be nice if I could find just where my code was describing this area cut and recut at a lower z just in this area. I have been able to use autoleveling with my grblControl program for most of my boards so far and have some nice boards but on this particular board I used a .5mm endmill and had most of the board cut very finely removing just the copper, wow looking good!!! Ooops there was just a small area with contours which did not cut deep enough. Well I set the depth just alittle deeper and reran the whole program which has quite some detail so slowed me down just a bit. I would like to copy the blocks of code that details this area to a small new program then reset. Use my limits switches that set my home position which I use to position my (0,0) at my lower left mounting hole and then recut lowering my z to remove the last bit of copper.
Has anyone tried this? Thanks again, Len

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