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Harvey White

On Sun, 26 Aug 2018 01:47:56 -0700, you wrote:

Made a schematic and then tried the board. Gave autoroute a go and got a reasonable board.

Problem is there are areas I have made errors on both the board and schematic. Trying to undo and go back I nowe have a error stating the changes on either will not update the other. e.g. changes on the schematic will not be shown on the board.

Any ideas how to fix this or do I start from scratch?
You must have both the board and schematic open at the same time. Make
changes on the schematic, and the board will follow, ditto with adding
or deleting parts. However, when you rewire something in the
schematic, you will find stubs for former connections. Since you used
the autorouter for everything, just ripup all the tracks (default
ripup) and try again. If you use a ground pour polygon, delete those
polygons first since the autorouter is not happy with existing
polygons, it will not route all the wires in that case. Give it a try
to see if this is the case for your board.

Each time you save the board, you will find that eagle keeps backups
in the form of name.b#n and name.s#n. If you have edited the board
separately from the schematic, then the dates and times of the
existing .brd and .sch file will not match. Go back (.b#1 is the most
recent) and rename name.b#1 (for example) name01.brd, do the same with
the schematic. Open both, and then run consistency checks. You'll
have your work before you made the separate changes. If this doesn't
work, then go back and look at name.b#2, .b#3, etc.


Thanks Vaughn

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