Re: Can only get a single isolation pass around tracks #eagle #pcbgcode #etch


No problems milling SMD boards so far (picture attached).  Just very tedious to place components by hand and get the right amount of solder.  I use solder past thinned with liquid flux - this is applied using a fine wire pickup loop.  If "vias" are needed I use 1/32" x 1/4" brass rivets, pre - cleaned before inserting in the board.  Solder rivet head side first, then crop to nearly flush and solder this side second.

All tools are zeroed with calibrated touch probe on copper - this is accurate to better than 25 microns (0.001"). Cutting depth fixed at -0.2mm.  Spindle speed set at 18000rpm on 30degree engraving cutter with 0.2mm (.008") wide cutting tip.

Vacuum fixture is milled from hardwood and uses a vane type vacuum pump to pull about - .75bar in normal operation.  More pics attached for interest.


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