Re: Can only get a single isolation pass around tracks #eagle #pcbgcode #etch


Hi Albert,

You might try my single pass etch approach, which I now use for all of my boards.  I setup pcb-gcode to do a singe pass etch for all traces and shapes.  After completion, I inspect the board without removing it from the fixture.  If I see any areas with incomplete etching, I lower my z-axis zero point by 2 mils and re-etch the board with the same gcode file.  I continue with this until I have a nicely etched PCB which usually only takes about 1 to 3 passes.  This approach also corrects most leveling issues as well.  I try to keep my trace widths over 12 mils because each pass will shrink your trace width by about 1 mill for a 30 degree spade bit.


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