Re: Trouble with my PCB attempts. #eagle #pcbgcode #etch


Using Eagle (rev7, 8 and 9) and pcbgcode I am able to reliably mill/"etch" boards with 0.01" tracks and gaps.

For what it is worth, my setup is as follows:-

Stepcraft CNC 420 routerĀ  with UC100 motion controller and UCCNC control software on Windows PC.

Small (6" x 8") vacuum table milled flat in-situ on router.

"Chinese" vane type vacuum pump

Home made touch probe interfacing to UCCNC software. Z0 set to better than 0.001" of copper.

Low cost 30 degree milling cutters ( 0.008" (0.2mm) cutting "point") - readily available on Ebay.

Attached is a picture of an SMD board recently made using the above.


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