Re: cutting plexiglass #mill

John Johnson

If you draw tracks, pcb-gcode will generate gcode to outline those tracks.
If you draw lines on the Milling layer, pcb-gcode will generate gcode to cut down the center of those lines.
So the way you want your artwork to appear would determine which layer you draw on.
Whether pcbgcode is the right tool for the job is another question :-)

On Aug 7, 2018, 12:59 PM -0400, watchman911@..., wrote:
I am very familiar with Eagle going clear back to 4.09..I want to use Eagle to make design in .sch for plexiglass cutting and then somehow make Gcode from that..Should I use symbol for the lines/circles, or should i use signals and then do it all in .brd ??????
maybe pcbgcode is not the right thing to use for plexiglass etching..?? can anyone give me some direction please..thanks for any help..

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