Re: missing profiles #pcbgcode

Leonard Wohlsdorf

Hi Vaughn,  I am also new at this. I have been able to get an example to my cnc and able to level and cut. When you are
in the set up for the first time you will be asked what style you are dealing with which I think the program is trying to find the
best controller type that you have. I have bought a cheap China cnc to experiment with so I chose the "Tries to be very compatible choice" in the list and it then allows me to get into the setup settings. I believe you need to go to an example drawing and get it opened up first then go to the file, go down to run ULP.  When you select pcb-gcode-setup you will either have the screen choice of  style or it will just go straight to the rest of the setup. If you see no choices then you may need to go to gcode-defaults.h where you have to clear reset the to a new installation variable?? Haven't had to do this but see if this helps. Let me know if I can help you more to find this variable. Once you reset it to a new installation you will be given the choice again of the style. Maybe a more advanced user could help some also. Always find I need help with programing questions so the forums are great for assistance. Hope I have helped you. Let me know if you need me to look help more.

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