Re: Auto-Level a PCB ????


Before trying to mess around with autoleveling options and the like it is better to look at all the actual physical things that are actually causing the problem.


1)      First make sure you spindle is perpendicular to your table/bed, a.k.a. tramming

2)      Use a solid, flat piece of stock as a base for the PCB. I take a piece of ½” cast acrylic and fly cut it to make sure the surface is flat and perpendicular to the spindle.

3)      You have to hold the board down flat to your base. If you clamp it from the edges it WILL bow up in the middle. In the past I have used double sided ‘carpet’ tape, cut into small squares, to hold the board to the base plate. I now use 3M Super 77 spray adhesive. I spray a small amount on the PCB, wait about 2 minutes and stick it to the base plate and roll it flat with a small roller (round chunk of plastic).


Now I have a board that is flat and perpendicular to the spindle. It works every time, no futzing about trying to compensate for a poor mechanical setup with an autoleveler software.


Jeff Birt


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Hi Art


I just found this video but I do not get a "Fan" where it says "Leveller Option" ????

I copy all the file in ZIP file in to the ULP.... have to see this video several times LOL 




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