Re: 20 Degree 0.1mm Carbide Engraving Bits

Wilfred <wswinkels1@...>

Hi Bent, 
That are the exact same mills I ordered
I dont know if you broke those 20 deg ones allready
I bought the 60 deg ones because the 20 deg kept breaking
I didnt have succes with WD40 or with official cutting fluid
I ( lots of I's :-) ) work at a swarf making plant in the netherlands
So i can get every cutting fluid i need to experiment 😃😃


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Op 9 dec. 2015 om 19:25 heeft eskolin@... [pcb-gcode] <pcb-gcode@...> het volgende geschreven:


Hi Willfred 

I have order and waiting on some 60° 0.1mm bits I found on Ebay

10Pcs 60 Degree 0.1mm Carbide Engraving Bits CNC Router Tool for PCB board

and I use this Kress FME-1050 and will try to turn it up to 25000 Rpm

and look how it will look. wil start whit my 20° 0.1mm bits

and as Bernard write I wil only go 0.05 mm down in the pcb.... 

I will be back whit result :-)


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