Re: 20 Degree 0.1mm Carbide Engraving Bits

Wilfred <wswinkels1@...>

First of all buy 0,1mm 60 deg bits they dont break as fast as the 20 deg. ( more flesh in a 60 deg angle) and you loose next to nothing of your trace.
Second more rpm. I use 20k rpm and making nice straight lines. 
Go for NO runout on your spindle ( imagine that the bit is not cutting when it is at max amplitude of runout. And max amplitude runout is  not in the direction in wich you are cutting.
Then you are pushing copper in stead of cutting which makes for a ugly burr)
Lastly use scotchbright to clean up all the burrs, look at your work and smile. Because it looks much better :-)


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Hell all... 

I am just starting to do my first PCB on my cnc and I have buy some 20° 0.1mm bits to do the job.....but I am not happy whit the job, the tracks is not cut nice... on the pcb there is IC in the TSSOP-16 package.

I am trying at 10000rpm and the bit is going 0.15mm down in the pcb

running Eagel 6.5 and PCB-Gcode (last ver) and win7-64

any help ????


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