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You do not need closed loop control; it is kind of pointless on a stepper motor anyhow. You just need stepper drivers that are not junk. The 2040, 6040, et. al. routers on EBay are notorious for coming with electronics that just don’t work. I have been through that with several customers looking for something that does work.


If you want to build something yourself take a look at: , the G540 has a built in opto-isolated break out board, VFD (analog) output, two high current outputs to drive relays, and uses four separate stepper drives that plug into the break out board. No matter who you buy from I can’t recommend the G540 enough.


If you want to see what can be built around a G540: . I have been building these for 5-6 years now and they are running everything from 4’x8’ routers to Taig mills.


I do sell this stuff so my opinion is biased, but I sell the products I use myself and believe in.


Jeff Birt


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Hello All. I have this low-cost CNC from China that I bought on eBay a while back. I have always had trouble with the Z-axis. I keep losing track of Z-axis and my cuts into my PCB material keeps getting deeper.


I now believe that the problem is the cheap stepper motor driver boards. I want to just replace them all, or just the 1 axis if I can. Ideally I would like to replace it with one that has an encoder for closed-loop control.


Can anyone please recommend a Mach 3 compatible stepper motor driver/encoder set?


My system has 3 identical motor driver boards that are connected to the printer port. They have opto-isolators between the circuit and the PC. The current motor driver boards use the A3977SEDT chip, which is rated at 2.5 amps, up to 35 volts. The motor power supply is 24 volts dc. There are 2 coils for each motor. The motor is rather small (about 2" square). I hope this is enough information.


I'm not a stepper-motor/encoder expert, so I'd like to make the correct choice without experimenting. If anybody could make some suggestions, I'd be very appreciative.


Thank you, Richard V

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