Re: Mirror problem

Art Eckstein

I am not sure which side of the board your not generating??

In the setup ulp, have you checked the boxes for doing both sides as show below?? If so, it should generate the necessary files for both sides of the boards and no additional "Mirror" should be necessary.  With the options shown, the X and Y directions will all be positive for the top side coordinates and for the bottom, the X will be negative and Y will be positive coordinates.

Also, just to make sure, have you selected the appropriate post processor under the GCode Style tab??


Country Bubba

At 02:07 PM 5/30/2015, you wrote:


I'm trying to mirror the board to mill a double sided board, the problem is that even with the mirror option selected, the g code is not mirrored. I'm using Eagle 7.2.0 and le latest pcbgcode.

Any ideas?

Thank you!!

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