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I put all of my Eagle files in …\My Documents\Eagle. I have ..\My Documents\Eagle\myULP, etc. In eagle use the directories setting to tell eagle where your files are as shown below.


W.R.T. Java…Java sucks, it is a nightmare trying to keep up with everything that breaks every time they release a new Java update. PayPal used Java for printing international labels, the version they use is older and the latest Java does not like it so you HAVE to set up the web URL (Pitney Bowes site) that the label comes from in the Java exceptions list, to add insult to injury Pitney Bowes uses about 100 sub domains and you always get a random one and you have to set up each one individually as an exception.


On campus it is equally as bad as it is a constant conflict between wanting to use the latest Java for security reasons and having to use a version that actually works with the software the campus uses. If Apple or Microsoft ever released anything this awful they would be out of business in a hurry.


OK, java rant off J


Jeff Birt


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Thank you Art


I will work on it today and report back on the progress.





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It sounds like you have those files in a sub directory under the "Program Files" and IIRC Vista is like 7 and will not allow users to routinely make any changes etc in those directories.  You need to put the ulp files in a directory in a non program files location and then point to that location using the options, directories  changes in the Eagle Control panel.

For a long time, I have had my pcb-gcode files in a seperate directory on a different drive completely.  I made the directory and unzipped the files to that location.
The path to my files is:


and as you can see, it has nothing to do with the program files location. Now you take the full path to your location (as shown above) and make it the first listing in the options/directories in the eagle control panel
 and don't forget the ";" separator after you insert the path


Country Bubba

   At 08:58 PM 3/16/2015, you wrote:

Hi to group:

I have been using PCB-Gcode / Eagle for years in XP.
I am trying to set it up now under Vista and all the directory changes are making me nuts.
When I try to run  pcb-gcode.ulp in Eagle, I get an error 'unable to open the include file' "source/pcb-gcode.h"

can you help me to place the files in the correct directory for Eagle 7 under Vista?

when I look in the Eagle ULP folder, I see pcb-gcode.h  there, plain as day.

many thanks

Richard B


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