Re: No Z axis G-Code

Art Eckstein

I happen to think (something unusual for this ole goat) that I have not done a board since I was forced to get a new computer and use win7 a short time ago (I refuse to use win8)!
So I pulled up an old board and tried to generate a new milling file to see if it would still work.
The good news is that part worked. I was able to generate a new milling file with appropriate Z movements.

The bad news is (HEY JJ, YOU READING THIS?) that the preview is broke!  I recently had upgraded my java and now the preview gives me the following error:

Just for the record, I am using Eagle
Version 6.1.0 for Windows

and pcb-gcode Version

Also, I just notice when I was getting this version info there is a message on the setup ulp that shows:

Does your screen show this compatibility????



At 05:05 PM 3/16/2015, you wrote:
Ok I checked my setup for pcb-gcode and the generate milling check box is checked
and there is a value of -.005.
Pcb-gcode version is and Eagle is 5.11.0

Why just the milling layer is affected is unknown right now. When I do run pcb-gcode
I see the milling layer outline in preview yet g-code has no Z axis entries.

On Mon, 3/16/15, bruce q brc_q@... [pcb-gcode] wrote:

 Subject: Re: [pcb-gcode] No Z axis G-Code
 To: pcb-gcode@...
 Date: Monday, March 16, 2015, 9:15 AM
       I will check again but I am sure I have that box
 checked and a valid value next to that check box.
 The etch file works ok with Z axis movements as required, it
 is ONLY the mill layer that is not
 getting the Z axis values.
 I will find out what version pcb-gcode I am using, I think I
 updated that a while back but haven't updated
 Eagle and not sure I want to since I am still using XP op
 On Mon, 3/16/15, Art Eckstein art.eckstein@...
 [pcb-gcode] wrote:
 Subject: Re: [pcb-gcode] No Z axis G-Code
  To: pcb-gcode@...
  Date: Monday, March 16, 2015, 6:47 AM
  When you run the pcb-gcode-setup ulp, have you placed a
  checkmark to
  generate the milling file AND  given it a proper depth
  mill it??
  again, just pulling at straws.

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