Re: pcb gcode settings dont save


John and all others with an intrest to my problem.

I extracted the zip into Documents. I looked in Documents and all files and folders are there including the two ulp. I then set the path in options and Eagle excepts it. NOW for the weard stuff. I open Eagle and go to my board. Click on File and then Open and go to the pcb-gcode in Documents. ALL the folders are empty!?. The folders are there, but empty. I get out of everything and go to Documents and all the folders have all the files and the two ulp are there.  WUWT.  I also tried to install Eagle in Programs, but it still ended up in C/ Eagle. While I can still make all my changes in the .h files, I think just like John said, My Windows 7 install is a controlling bitch. LOL  Is there a way of getting Eagle installed without ending up in C/   ?

Thanks , Carl  

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