Re: No Z axis G-Code

Art Eckstein


When you run the pcb-gcode-setup ulp, have you placed a checkmark to generate the milling file AND given it a proper depth to mill it??
again, just pulling at straws.

Country Bubba

At 09:04 AM 3/16/2015, you wrote:
For some unknown reason to me when ever I use PCB-gcode now to generate g-code for
engraving a pcb I get no Z axis entries on the milling layer. It never use to be this way.
This started happening a couple of months ago and at first started by dropping out
the first Z axis movement when I engrave an outline of the pcb I am working on
(usually just a square or rectangle).
Now there are X and Y g-code movements but no Z axis entries at all. I have looked
at pcb-gcode setup but haven't changed anything there other than passes and that
is back to single pass numbers that I have used in the past with no issues. Has anyone
else run into this and have you found a fix?


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