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Thank you all so much for donating to cover the hosting costs of!
Thanks also for the offers of hosting and suggestions on alternatives.

This is a great group of users, and whether you contributed or not, I'm glad you find pcb-gcode useful and hope it helps you make great things.


On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 11:38 AM, John J <john6060842@...> wrote:
Thanks to very generous donations in 2011, web hosting for ($120/yr) was paid through 2013. Unfortunately, donations since then don't cover the hosting costs this year. If you could make a small donation, it would help greatly. As a grad student, I have very little to spare now, and have been hit with large expenses this year.

Pcb-gcode has been free since its beginning in 2003, and will continue to be free. There is no obligation to donate.

If you find pcb-gcode useful and can help, please click here, then click the donate button.

Thanks so much,

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