Re: pcb gcode settings dont save

Art Eckstein

OK, you installed it correctly as it sounds, BUT did you in the control panel open "Options", "Directories" and insert the path as noted in the screenshot below???

It has to be the first listing in the series in order to work and there can be more directories that follow that must be separated by a ";"
(I modified mine just to show you and assume V7.x is the same or similar)

If you have, maybe I should get a lower cutting mower to make longer straws:})  By the way, I am using win7 and mine saves like it should.

Country Bubba

At 12:40 PM 3/15/2015, you wrote:

I installed extracted the zip to  C:\EAGLE-7.2.0/ulp. The files are in the ulp folder. I go down the list to, pcb_cgode_setup, It opens and I make the changes. Click on except and make board. The programs makes the gcode files and they run on my cnc machine ok BUT with the default settings that came with pcb gcode. No changes are made. Like I said it works fine on Vista but not on Winblows 7. I've seen other people have problems with Eagle and Win 7. But not what I am having.   Keep pulling straws. We might have a hay bail when done. Carl

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