Sale on PreciseBits PCB etching bits


Sorry for the ‘spam’ guys but I wanted to let you know that I have put the PreciseBits EM2E8/EM3E8 tapered stub mills on sale. There is a coupon code on the page that will take an additional 20% off the price.


These are the ‘V1’ of the tapered stub mills which have been getting rave reviews. PreciseBits just announced a ‘V2’ yesterday and I want to clear out the ‘V1’ bits to make room for ‘V2’ bits. While the ‘V1’ bits did an awesome job and was far better than a standard ‘V’ type etching bit, PreciseBits found room for improvement and thus came out with the ‘V2’ bits. The point is that even though the ‘V2’ bits are better, you won’t be disappointed with the V1 bits, especially at this price.


Sorry for the ‘spam’,


Jeff Birt

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