Re: Any reports on new Precisebits engraving bits


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You can get them from manufacturer or from me at . I have the same prices but no minimum order and less expensive shipping options.


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Where can I get these new bits?


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I have had the oportunity to use the new engraving bits from Think n Tinker aka Precisebits

In fact I used only the largest ( 0.254mm ) tool.


The new tools cost a bit more than the old V groove style bits. Approximately 40% more.

They are well worth it. In fact I had done a number of jobs with the one tool milling one ounce and six ounce copper.

The results are breathtaking compared to the old V groove tools. What I mean to say is I had stated in the past that LPKF tools were the bees knees. Expensive and a great performer. Bangs for bucks I prefered the old Precise V groove tools.

These new things Precise is offering are way ahead of LPKF in longevity and performance and cheaper ( at least in my part of the world they are cheaper than LPKF tools.


One other very important thing to be noted LPKF specify their tools to be good for half ounce work only.


I tried to push the new Precise tools to process the six ounce board in three passes and no problems were observed.


Much more importanly the productivity with the new tools is increased. I run them at 40KRPM plunging at 500mm/min and cutting at 1000mm/min. I guess this is possible due to the fact the tool has three cutting edges not two as the prior tools.


So I am extremely happy with the new tool.

I am yet to see how the smaller tools work out but 0.254mm  is my prefered work horse.


I use endmills for large area rubout but ... i get poor finish wiith some of them especially anything over about 1.2mm.


Two mm endmills tend to bruise the laminate surface more readily than smaller diameter tools. I suspect it is due to "pointing".


I would like to see the new geometry implemented as say 0.5mm,  0.9mm and 1.2mm tools for rubout  purposes.


Anyhow I wholehartedly recomend the 0.254mm tool. Well done Precise.


And if You think I am not impressed .. I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABY PRECISEBITS





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The subject linesays it all.

Are there any users of new Precise engraving bits out there.


How are they performing; length of cut and operating conditions, quality of finish and durability, price versus performance?


Need to get some bits and would like to hear of Your experiences.


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