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Dan Andersson

I haven't followed this thread so this may be a repeat.

Milling "cut outs" in FR4 is milling in glass fibre and it's - glass. You will suffer a very short lifespan of your tools.

I use Karnash PCD or CVD diamond cutters for glass fibre and get 3 times the life compared to a HSS or coated bits.
But quality comes at a steep price... I can buy 40 coated bits at the price of one Karnash cutter.
But if I need 100% precision cuts in FR4, Karnash it is.

//Dan, M0DFI

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Thanks, Keith. I'll know for next time.

73....Eric VK2VE.

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"You could
also drill a line of small holes through the bridges to make breaking them
off easier."

Commonly called "rat-bites"

---Keith Cress---

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