Re: X Axis Origin Shift During Milling

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this is not perhaps lost steps Due to running the drive to fast not enough current to the steppers etc?

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I have the same problem with Chinese board TB6560, when I do engrave jobs with high RPM the X axis at the end of the job lose about 1mm of it's zero position, I noticed 2 factors increase this annoying phenomena:
1- the high RPM frequency of the VFD (working with low RPM give better result)
2- the many up and down moves of the X axis..

I put some RF filters but the enhancement was so tiny..

I even removed the spindle cable out of the cable carrier to prevent any frequency interfere with the stepper cables but no way!

I wonder if the users who use wood routers instead of VFD spindle have the same problem?

On Tuesday, 8 July 2014, 7:10, "Hannu Venermo [pcb-gcode]" wrote:

This is not a Mach3 problem, as such.
Using directly from USB is specifically known NOT to work, and against
the rules.

The gcode files are and need to be memory mapped, and this wont work
reliably from a USB drive.
Its probably not as well documented as it should be.

On 07/07/2014 23:53, sdmonaco@... [pcb-gcode] wrote:
> Mach 3 appears to have an intermittant problem with resetting the
> origin when running directly off the USB drive

-hanermo (cnc designs)

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