Re: pcb-gcode error

Art Eckstein

Unfortunately that line is no longer being developed.

However, JJ (author of pcb-gcode) is developing his version but at this time is not ready for release.

Ivan de Jesus has his stand alone version and can be found at:

daedelus has a version that is available and the latest uses a stand alone probing file which will allow restarting without re-probing in case of a needed tool change and can be found at:

Also in answer to your original question, there may have been a spindle speed entry that needed to be filled in. Even if you do not have automatic spindle control, by putting a value in there is should work. (Going strictly from memory here)

Country Bubba

At 05:27 PM 6/29/2014, you wrote:

Thank you for the reply !
Actually I had this one before I downloaded v3.5.2.11 is because it had a setting for height probing. Is there any other way I can height probe my pcb from inside eagle (using mach3 of course) ?

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