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Dan Andersson

You need to change the basic autoleveller settings to fit YOUR mill.

All mills are different depending on maker and type.

Use a slow plunge when probing. Some very slow computers are bad on realtime and that will make the stop time vary with a varying depth correction result.

//Dan, M0DFI

On Mon, 23 Jun 2014 20:58:09 -0700
"federico mato theguytrain1@... [pcb-gcode]" <pcb-gcode@...> wrote:

I used Autorleveler to generate the profile

The autoleveler make the Z axis too height in profile that is why the cnc can't move.
the machine move to slow and never touch the board and stop when get -9.525

El Lunes, 23 de junio, 2014 22:13:58, "Dan Andersson dan@... [pcb-gcode]" <pcb-gcode@...> escribió:


I can't see any table edges setup. How large millingtable do you have?

On pcb showed in the last minute, there are no probing movements visible.

How do you generate the probed plotfile?


On 23 Jun 2014 17:31:18 -0700
"theguytrain1@... [pcb-gcode]" <pcb-gcode@...> wrote:

take a look at that video and could you tell me what I'm doing wrong.
I have setup the switch to be in pin 17 and the machine moves but I can't set z axis home.
and also check the continuity on the wires and they are working.
the switcher I connect on the 5 pins connection.
I took on reference a information I found on the Internet that it said

1 X axis limit
2 Y axis limit
3 Z axis limit <--------
4 Estop | switch
5 GND <---------

when I'm setting the switch I choose home Z should, I choose other option or that one is good ??

look the video here autoleveler in TB6560 with linuxcnc 2.5.4

autoleveler in TB6560 with linuxcnc 2.5.4 something wrong with this configuration ???

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