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Just turn on the checkbox :-)

On the Generation Options tab, turn on Generate milling and set the Depth parameter next to it to go slightly deeper than the board.
When I lay out boards, I set the wire/line size to the same size as the milling tool I'll be using. This shows you the width of the cut when you are laying out the lines on the Milling (46) layer. (See the second picture attached. Wires/lines on the milling layer are cyan. The width of the line is 0.0625", the same as the bit I used to mill the boards out.)
Anywhere you put a wire/line, pcb-gcode will generate gcode for, whether it is the perimeter or within the board. I left a gap in the wires/lines for the boards in the attached picture to hold them in place until drilling was finished.
This is only mentioned in passing in the manual, so I need to add a section on it.


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I have run into a situation where rather than a round hole through the PCB for a component I would
like to have an elongated hole or slot. I haven't found another way of doing this other than using
a different CAD program to create these slots but when paneling this makes a real convoluted issue
making sure the slots are aligned with the pads properly.
So I was wondering what everyone else is doing to make these slots or even milling the outline and
providing breakaway tabs?
I have CamBam for general 2D milling plus I use PCB-Gcode to engrave the PCB but as great as PCB-Gcode is it does have it's limitations as far as milling holes or outlines in any shape you want or am I wrong
about this. There is a milling layer in Eagle that I use to layout the PCB and use that layer to produce
a PCB outline (and text too) so could I make a short milling layer trace where the thru hole would be for
a pad? How do I tell PCB-Gcode to mill thru the board say a Z depth of 70 mils?
I am just confused on how to accomplish this so was wondering how others are doing this?

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