Slots/elongated holes

bruce q

I have run into a situation where rather than a round hole through the PCB for a component I would
like to have an elongated hole or slot. I haven't found another way of doing this other than using
a different CAD program to create these slots but when paneling this makes a real convoluted issue
making sure the slots are aligned with the pads properly.
So I was wondering what everyone else is doing to make these slots or even milling the outline and
providing breakaway tabs?
I have CamBam for general 2D milling plus I use PCB-Gcode to engrave the PCB but as great as PCB-Gcode is it does have it's limitations as far as milling holes or outlines in any shape you want or am I wrong
about this. There is a milling layer in Eagle that I use to layout the PCB and use that layer to produce
a PCB outline (and text too) so could I make a short milling layer trace where the thru hole would be for
a pad? How do I tell PCB-Gcode to mill thru the board say a Z depth of 70 mils?
I am just confused on how to accomplish this so was wondering how others are doing this?

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