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Use a vacuum table - FR4 is never flat and will deflect when milling, so your line widths and clearances will bear little resemblance to your intentions.  

I made my own from MDF and milled it flat in situ before making circuit boards. FR4 needs to be immovable during milling so use tape or locating pins.

Can reliably mill 100 micron tracks and clearances, though in practice I restrict these to 250 micron.  Backlash compensation essential on the milling machine.


From: johntech <johntech@...>
Sent: Sunday, 3 June 2018, 13:02
Subject: [pcbgcode] Eagle to making PCB help #eagle #pcbgcode #mill

Noobie here. I have made several pc boards in eagle and now I would like to use my mini mill to make some prototype boards before
I send them off to make multiples.  Is there a doc file that has the steps to go from Eagle to using the leveling program to actually milling
the board? Any information you can provide would be gratefully appreciated.

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