Paneurhythmy and the Teachings of Beinsa Douno

Welcome to Paneurhythymy and the Teachings of Beinsa Douno!

"In the fulfillment of the will of God lies the power of the human soul"  Beinsa Douno

Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunov), is a teacher of Esoteric Christianity, who lived and taught in Bulgaria during the first half of the 20th century.
His knowledge, character, and powers, all mark him as a rare messenger of Divine Reality.
He had a very large following when he passed on, but his teaching was suppressed by the Communist regime. In recent years, this teaching, and its associated spiritual practices, have begun to bloom again, as the Bulgarians enjoy a greater degree of freedom.

One of the most practical aspects of his teaching is the practice of dance outdoors in harmony with God in Nature, known as Paneurythmy.
Music as a means of harmonizing the human spirit is also a key practice.
The teachings cover every aspect of human existence, and how to bring humanity into harmony with Nature, God, and itself.

This group is dedicated to exploring these teachings in depth, and finding how they can be practically applied in our lives, 
while also appreciating all paths that help align people with their Divine purpose.

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