Pa NBEMS net for Pennsylvania and surrounding states.
This net meets every Sunday morning at 0730 Eastern on 3583.0 kHz (VFO, USB)  at 1500 Hz audio.
The net uses THOR 22 for check-ins, and MFSK32 for traffic.

This net activates during emergencies and works with PEMA.
We often take Severe Weather Reports (FLDIGI Custom folder) and ICS 213 traffic to pass on.
We welcome all sorts of traffic for practice, including American Red Cross forms, ARRL Radiograms, etc. 
This is an open net for the purpose of training. 

NBEMS stands for Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System and is used primarily for emergency communications and passing traffic on the Amateur Radio frequencies.  The primarily software used for NBEMS is Fldigi with FLMSG/FLAMP.  All Amateur Radio operators are invited to subscribe to this group and to participate in the Pa NBEMS Net.  Any questions or comments may be sent to ny3j at or to k3euiBarry at

The net control operators are
Ron NY3J  Bensalem,    K3EUI  Barry2   West Chester,  W3JFS John N.Coventry and KC3DOW Steven, Gillette

We are looking for additional net control operators.
Contact Barry K3EUI, the net manager.

The net usually has over 40 checkins from  Pa, NY, NJ, CT, MA, VA  and sometimes when the band is still open, from North Carolina and Ohio and Canada. We practice sending FLMSG and FLAMP messages including casual comments, announcements, and samples of EMCOM messages including weather reports and daily shelter reports.

Here's a list of other NBEMS weekend nets. Mark your calendars.

Pa NBEMS  Sundays at 0730 hr on 3583.0 kHz
NY NBEMS  Saturdays at 0800 hr on 3583.0 kHz
NJ NBEMS  Sundays  at  0900 hr on  3582.0 kHz
NH NBEMS  Saturdays at 0730 on 3582.0 kHz

All are welcome to check in.  TU and hope to see you on the waterfall.  If you join this group please send an email to NY3J at ARRL.NET with your name and CALLSIGN.
May 2023

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